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Insurance of land vehicles

Any driver wants to protect his car from unforeseen accidents. Do you want to insure your car in Tashkent? Unipolis will help you in this - protect against road traffic accidents, thefts and other accidents with us!

Foreign travel insurance

Going abroad? Protect yourself against accidents with Unipolis! The “Travel Insurance Abroad” policy will help you to insure against various risks in another country and protect your money against unforeseen expenses.

House and apartment insurance

Do you want to take care of the safety of your home or apartment where you live? Insure your home with Unipolis! We will protect your home from various risks and you from unexpected repair costs. If you are afraid of flooding your neighbors, piercing a wall, or another accident, we can protect your civil liability to your neighbors. This policy is relevant not only to homeowners, but also to renters.

Athletes insurance

Playing active sports is very exciting, but it’s also dangerous! Accidental injury insurance is something every athlete should think about. The Unipolis “Athletes insurance” policy will help cover the costs of treatment for sports injuries.

Accident insurance

Protecting your family and friends is a natural wish of every person. Unipolis Insurance Company will help to provide reliable protection against various health risks. Insure your relatives, friends and other people close to You with us!

Insurance of the paid amount of the university contract

Do you want to insure the paid amount of your university contract? Unipolis will help you recover your money in case of an unexpected insurance event.

Insurance of bank cards

Bank cards hold our money and very often the PIN protection is not enough. Insure your plastic card funds with Unipolis! We will save you from a variety of risks: from loss of the card to unexpected withdrawals by third parties.

Insurance of railway rolling stock

Transportation by rail is one of the safest forms of transportation, but trouble can happen where it is not expected. The insurance company Unipolis will help to cover the costs if an insured event occurs.

Insurance of special equipment

For every company, machinery is an integral part of production, and its breakdown will lead to a loss of profit. Insure expensive equipment with Unipolis and don't worry about accidents.

Insurance of corporate vehicles

The corporate car is an important part of the company and it is worth taking care of its safety. Unipolis can help you insure your company car! With us you can protect both a small number of vehicles, and the entire fleet. We also offer insurance services for drivers and passengers against accidents.

Insurance of electronic and expensive equipment

Do you use expensive electronic equipment in production and want to take care of its safety? Unipolis can help insure your business against unforeseen events that could harm your assets.

Insurance of information risks

The information field is the most popular place to transmit, exchange and store information. Accordingly, there is a wide range of risks to which your valuable information can be exposed. Don't take risks and insure your digital assets with Unipolis!

Insurance of organizers of exhibitions, sports and cultural and entertainment events

Do you specialize in the organization of exhibitions, concerts and are worried about the safety of your property? Unipolis takes care of the safety of your property and insures your liability to visitors.

Realtor civil liability insurance

Are you in the real estate business and worried about unintentional losses? Save your reputation and your money with Unipolis! We'll insure your public liability and reimburse you for losses incurred as a result of an insured event.

All-risk assets insurance

Business profits depend on every element of the company and if one component fails, the entire machine can come to a halt. Don't put your production processes at risk and insure your assets with Unipolis!

Leased property insurance

Are you a financial tenant or planning to lease the property? Worrying about the integrity of the property is a natural feeling in such situations. Take out lease insurance with Unipolis and stop worrying about the integrity of your property!

Liability insurance of customs brokers

The work of customs brokers involves a wide range of risks. You can get rid of them and insure your professional liability with Unipolis. We will help you out in times of insurance and protect your property interests!

Freight insurance

Sending cargo and worried about its safety? Insure your possessions with Unipolis “Freight Insurance”. We will compensate you for the cost of damage or loss of your shipment.

Forwarder liability insurance

Do you offer forwarding services and worry about unforeseen cases? Protect yourself from risks together with Unipolis insurance company! We will help secure your liability and compensate for the costs.

Liability insurance of participants of tourist activities

Do you offer your services in tourism and do not want to make any unforeseen mistakes in your business? Take the risk out of your professional liability with Unipolis. We will cover the costs in case of professional errors to our clients.

Insurance for expenses incurred due to cancellation of a trip abroad

Planning to go on a trip, but worried about the contingencies? Take advantage of Unipolis protection and save yourself from risks. We will compensate your expenses if your trip is canceled due to visa denial, unforeseen illness or other unexpected event.

Insurance of professional liability of tax consultants

Tax consulting requires care and does not tolerate mistakes. Insure yourself against the risk of professional error with Unipolis. We will reimburse your client for losses incurred as a result of an insured event.

Insurance of professional liability of court administrators

Do you provide bailiff services and want to avoid mistakes in the performance of your activities? Unipolis Insurance Company will help you to do this and compensate you if an insured event occurs.

Professional liability insurance for lawyers

There is a possibility of mistakes in any profession - even lawyers. Do you want to save your reputation and get rid of the risk of mistakes? Unipolis insures your professional liability to your clients.

Insurance of professional liability of appraisers

Are you an appraiser and worried about future mistakes? Take out liability insurance with Unipolis! We will help you in the event of an insurance claim and reimburse for expenses to your client.

Notaries professional liability insurance

Notaries bear a great responsibility and every representative of this activity does not want to be exposed to risk. Insure your reputation with the Unipolis “Notaries professional liability insurance” policy. We will reimburse losses incurred as a result of an unintentional professional error.

Insurance of professional liability of auditors

Don't put your reputation as an auditor at risk and insure your professional liability to your clients! Unipolis will help you avoid professional errors in the provision of auditing services.

Medical institution liability insurance

Represent or manage a health care facility? Take out liability insurance - don't put your patients at risk. Unipolis Insurance Company will help you with this and will cover damages caused by an insured event.

Collective accident insurance

Injuries of all kinds are always unpleasant for employees and employers alike. Don't put your people and your business at risk! Unipolis will insure your employees and ensure the sustainability of your business.

Loss risk insurance when production is stopped

The company's profit directly depends on the production process, and putting such an important stage at risk is not the right decision! Unipolis offers its services to recover lost profits due to an unplanned stoppage of production. We will take care of your peace of mind!

Financial risk insurance in case of non-fulfillment of contractual obligations

There is always a risk of non-fulfillment of the agreement, and subsequent financial losses must be under reliable protection! Insure your finances against non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations together with Unipolis!

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